Women in Data Science (WiDS) 2020

For the past 5 years, the Global Women in Data Science Initiative hosts an annual conference here at Stanford that consists of speakers and seminars from industry to academia. It is a gathering place to support women in data science as there are gender disparities in the larger narrative of the field. At Stanford Video, we hope to encourage and amplify these stories of impact and have partnered with WiDS in various capacities to support such growth in their movement.



Conference Opener
To bring energy into and gather attendees, we produce a “conference opening” video. It is able to tell the story of WiDS in a few minutes and reminds the audience of the uniqueness of such a space, its vision, and goals.

Conference Webcasting/Livestreaming
We also provide livestreaming of the conference for both virtual attendees participating live as well as capturing archived videos to watch on demand. We create lower third graphics to overlay during talks, and switch between speakers and slide presentations seamlessly. Upon our client’s request, these videos are turned around quickly and we assist in uploading and organizing the content on the WiDS YouTube Channel.




Besides the live webcasting, our team on the day of the conference has a crew telling a more in-depth story of the day. Interviews with attendees, capturing b-roll of the large plenary sessions to seminars to gathering spaces--we hope to provide a memorable recap of such an incredible day.



High School Outreach on Introduction to Data Science:


Part of the Women in Data Science High School Outreach toolkit includes an animation we helped produce with Explainly​: an introduction to the field of Data Science to high schools and even middle schools, as well producing/editing the “A Day in the Life of Data Scientists” video featuring various data scientists across the country to give a fun, practical glimpse into their work.

Frames from the Intro to Data Science animation:


Frames from “A Day in the Life”:

India data

AFUA at lecturn
Machine learning
Data metrics


  • Our studio at Stanford Video offers a high-quality recording audio booth where we have assisted in recording various episodes for the ​Women in Data Science Podcast​ as well.
  • If you are interested in these services, ​here​ is more information. We offer editing and producing services as well.

Our partnership with the Women in Data Science team has been a rich one. The initiative of WiDS has grown over the years immensely, now being a global movement in 85+ countries. We are grateful to provide media support in all of these ways and be a part of that, and hope to do more.

If you are interested in finding out how we at Stanford Video can partner with you in the same way with our services, we excitedly invite​ you contact us here and fill out our simple form​. We look forward to any new potential collaborations.