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Co-director Margot Gerritsen

Women in Data Science (WiDS) 2020

For the past 5 years, the Global Women in Data Science Initiative hosts an annual conference here at Stanford that consists of speakers and seminars from industry to academia. It is a gathering place to support women in data science as there are gender disparities in the larger narrative of the field. At Stanford Video,… Read more Women in Data Science (WiDS) 2020

TEDxStanford 2017

Manu Prakash — “Saving Lives for 20 Cents” Stanford bioengineer Manu Prakash delivers the first talk of the conference, “Saving Lives for 20 Cents.” Manu uses items such as paper, cheap children’s toys and string to create first a 50-cent microscope and now a 20-cent blood centrifuge. Manu was one of 24 talks at the… Read more TEDxStanford 2017

Cafe Scientifique: The Rise and Fall of Cigarette Smoking

While tobacco use remains the number one killer of Americans, smoking prevalence is at a modern low. Learn how and why this happened, best practices for smoking cessation, the vaping alternative, how smoking has become a social justice issue, and whether there are relevant lessons for the obesity epidemic. Café Scientifique is an international network… Read more Cafe Scientifique: The Rise and Fall of Cigarette Smoking

Big Data in Biomedicine: Sumbul Desai

Bringing together thought leaders in large-scale data analysis and technology to transform the way we diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Visit our website at http://bigdata.stanford.edu/.
TEDx: Robyn Sue Fisher

TEDxStanford 2016: Robyn Sue Fisher

A life making ice cream & defying the status quo When she graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business, Robyn Sue Fisher had to choose between two distinctly different career paths: Special Agent for the FBI or Ice Cream Maker. She chose the latter, deciding to craft her job around joy. Now nine years later,… Read more TEDxStanford 2016: Robyn Sue Fisher

YCHU - Binge Eating in Teens

In honor of National Eating Disorders Week, the Divisions of Adolescent Medicine and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, together with the Comprehensive Eating Disorders Program at Stanford is hosting their annual community lecture for families, physicians, teachers and other practitioners caring for those with eating disorders. Dr. Kara Fitzpatrick will provide an update on Bulimia Nervosa… Read more YCHU - Binge Eating in Teens

Women in Data Science

Stanford Video produced and edited this highlight video of the WiDS Conference to showcase this inaugaral event to the world.  We also live streamed the entire conference to the WiDS website and edited each speaker for later upload to the client’s YouTube page. Below is one of the many talks held during the two day conference. Conference… Read more Women in Data Science

CWOQ: Tony Wyss-Coray “Young Blood for Old Brains”

Every culture and civilization had its dreams about eternal youth, but what if there was something to it? Professor Wyss-Coray will share an amazing development in aging research that could revolutionize how we understand aging and treat age-related diseases. Tony Wyss-Coray is a professor of neurology and neurological sciences. Classes Without Quizzes are presented by… Read more CWOQ: Tony Wyss-Coray “Young Blood for Old Brains”