— Stanford Policies —

Guidelines for Guests and Clients:

Stanford Video is an auxiliary unit of Stanford University, and abides by Stanford University policies.  As a result, there are some restrictions on services that Stanford Video can provide to clients.


  • Political candidates - No studio space or news feeds with current political candidates, organizations representing ballot measures or initiatives, or representatives discussing ballot measures or initiatives.
  • Requests to include Stanford campus backdrops or visuals for any guests not associated with Stanford.
  • Advertising videos or promotional materials designed to market or sell products for for-profit and commercial entities.

Approval required from the Office of Public Affairs, Government and Community Relations:

  • Current elected officials.
  • Clients who bring their own security, or require federal, state or local security.

For questions regarding these policies contact Gordon Gurley, Director, Stanford Video, or The Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs and the Office of the General Counsel.