Gordon Gurley
Director of Stanford Video

Gordon heads Stanford Video. As a true working manager, he also edits and produces programs, including the Stanford Executive Briefing series for the Graduate School of Business. Gordon received a BA in Television from SJSU, where he studied fine art and graphic design before settling into television and film. Gordon owns a successful audio recording studio and has over 18 years experience in the video industry.

Chandra Simon
Senior Producer and Director

Chandra has produced a variety of award-winning feature films, documentaries, and TV series. Prior to joining Stanford Video, she spent several years as writer, producer, and director of domestic and international news features for legendary anchor Dan Rather. Chandra’s films have appeared in top festivals around the world, and she has worked with numerous networks such as HBO, CBS, PBS, Discovery, and BBC London. Her passion for creating content on subjects relating to health, food, and sustainability led her to obtain a Masters of Environmental Science from Yale University, where she also served as Executive Director of the Environmental Film Festival at Yale. Chandra received her BFA in Film and Television Production from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Ryan Roberts
Director of Operations

Ryan supervises all phases of Stanford Video’s production and post-production, schedules and supervises production crew and oversees all equipment. Additionally, when Stanford faculty and fellows comment on the news, chances are they are speaking from our on-campus studio with Ryan coordinating the feed. Ryan manages all the network satellite and fiber optic radio and television feeds for clients including CBS, CNN, BBC, NBC, and many others around the country. Serving Stanford for over a decade, Ryan also runs camera and audio for studio and field productions as well as setting the lighting and editing the final program.


Cameron Bill
Post-Production Supervisor

As Post-Production Supervisor, Cameron supervises various productions and handles all of the encodings, captures, and conversions for all of the various digital formats Stanford Video offers. Need a video converted for iTunes or onto a DVD? Cameron will handle it. And in keeping with Stanford Video tradition, he also shoots, produces, and edits. After graduating from Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program, Cameron has worked on features, television shows, and documentaries from Tinsel-town to Timbuktu... literally.


Don Davis
TV/IT Engineer

Born, raised, and educated in the Bay Area, Don now plies his skills as Stanford Video’s TV/IT Engineer.  After graduating with a degree in Broadcasting from San Francisco State University, he worked several tours of duty around San Francisco's television market including KRON, KTVU, and KQED and transitioned into IT as a Systems Administrator for TechTV.  Settling in at Stanford, Don takes care of matters both Engineering and IT.


Rob Huffman
Digital Media Project Manager

When you arrive at Stanford Video, Rob will be the one to greet you. Being front and center in the organization, he handles administrative and office management duties such as billing and procurement. Additionally, he engineers live television and radio feeds (e.g., CNN, NPR), one-camera shoots in the studio, field audio recordings (namely lectures), voice-over recordings, podcasts and video teleconferences. Rob holds an MA in English and a BA in Film. Before coming to Stanford Video, he worked in the publishing field as well as for the Scottish government. He is also a DJ at KZSU, Stanford.

Tim Neff
Producer | Editor | Director of Photography

You can find Tim producing, editing, shooting or creating motion graphics on any given day. Tim has worked on a variety of productions from live televised events, corporate videos, sports, documentaries and broadcast television. His clients include Microsoft, Chevron, Seattle's Best Coffee, HBO, Miramax, A&E, Discovery Channel, History Channel, HGTV, and Fine Living Networks.



In addition to a dedicated staff, Stanford Video contracts with a proven pool of talented free-lance television professionals.