Video package examples

High-speed internet is suggested.

1 Camera Basic or Premium HD

Primarily used for capture of a single speaker with no slides. The camera can also pan to slides but is less desireable than switching the slides in live or editing in slides in post-production. However, if the speaker has a laser pointer, this is the only method that can capture it.

A single camera can also pan to multiple speakers. This is not optimal and may require additional mics and an audio engineer but is an economical way to document an event.

Camera + Slides Picture-in-Picture (PiP) iso

The PiP iso recording displays both the speaker and their slides on the screen at the same time. We record with the camera and a feed from the computer separately, and combine them together in post-production

1 Camera Basic or Premium HD with Switched Slides

Slides inserted into the video in real time allow for more accuracy in placement, the ability to view “live” websites the presenter may visit and quicker delivery of the completed program.

This clip from the iOS Programming class showcases the high quality of HD.

2 Camera Basic or Premium HD

For panels or multiple speakers - such as an interviewer and interviewee - we recommend using two cameras as they eliminate the need to pan a camera from person to person. They can also capture multiple close-ups, wide shots of panels or the audience, and questions from the audience.

4 Camera Premium HD

High production values can help high-profile events expand their reach. This example from the 2010 Roundtable was captured using multiple HD cameras and devices.

30 Second Commercials

"Solutions" is one of three commercials that broadcast during a Stanford NCAA sporting event. The footage includes location video and interviews in our studio.

Studio Productions

Stanford Video offers a wide variety of studio productions, including various backgrounds: black drape, white paper and green or blue screens for video for graphics. The studio is perfect for individual interviews and talk shows.